Introducing Collection #7


Collection number seven brings good luck, a whole lot of attitude, and something for the boys. You'll be turning heads in every room. Here comes trouble...
That Looks collaborates with independent and emerging brands and designers, to bring you intentionally selected pieces to help you create a forward-thinking closet.
With each drop we bring you a new look, an edited capsule collection of carefully selected timeless pieces designed and made to last. Each look is created to inspire you to bring something new and special to your wardrobe. Purchase items individually to pair with your exisiting pieces, or draw your inspiration directly from us, and buy the look as we have it styled.      
Each collection is curated and collaborated on with my loving friends, models, stylists and designers bringing together all aspects of each shoot to create something amazing.   
We think it’s important to turn away from fast fashion; to embrace a sustainable shopping experience, to get to know who made your clothes and to bring back a focus on supporting local brands and designers. When you have quality pieces you love, you will keep them forever!
For style pulls, collaborations, press and general inquires, send us an email or just click here